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Founded on the principle that quality education should be accessible to all students - regardless of socio-economic background, The Tutor website continues to impact the lives of students by focusing on our mission: To create and enhance educational opportunities for school districts and communities, particularly those that are economically-disadvantaged by responding to the unique challenges and goals of each district and community.

The Tutor Website is a place for private tutors to advertise their tuition services. We understand that one of the most challenging aspects of being a self employed tutor is marketing, so we aim to help you out with that.

We endeavour not simply to provide you with first class tutoring (all our tutors have full marks in the tests they teach, and have immense experience), but to help you choose the exam that is right for you, meet with you to discuss your needs, give you personal advice on the school or college application process, provide the materials necessary for study, understand the student’s abilities, and to give regular reports of your child’s progress. Most importantly, we provide a comfortable, enjoyable environment to motivate your child to do as well as possible.

The Tutors is highly selective in terms of the tutors we work with as only one in four interviewed, make the grade. Our tutors are highly qualified, passionate about their subjects and know what it takes to achieve academic success. We also have a superb track record of helping young people win places at selective schools, colleges and universities. Our client testimonials speak for themselves.