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hinking about a tutor for your child? You’re not alone! In fact, 30% of kids seek help from a professional tutor at some point in their high school career.

We share the five questions to ask a tutor to help find the one that’s right for your family.

1. Do they have experience tutoring in this subject?

Not everyone who is great at math would be a great math tutor. That’s why turning to the smartest kid on the block may not be the right answer. And, it’s also why seeking a general interest tutor may not solve your problem.

2. How much should you pay?

Fees can vary depending on where you live. As a guide, a qualified teacher should be paid at least the same hourly rate they would earn in a school.

For newly qualified teachers the hourly fee is at least $30 for primary tuition. Expect $40 and up to $50 for A level science subjects.

But if the tutor has additional training or 30 years' experience, you'd expect to pay more. If the tutor charges $15 an hour